Are you in charge?

Back in the 60’s there was a theory about being in control of your life and it went this way, “ do whatever feels good and if it backfires blame it on your parents”. My paraphrase.
Of course that theory was proven completely false and today we are more acute in going in another direction and looking at who is responsible for anything that happens in our life. And yes the finger point at me, so I am in charge and in control, not my parents, not my teachers, not my preacher, my wife, mi kids and no one “make me do that” I choose to be, every minute of every living day what my actions are. Can they be influenced by beliefs that I created during my life, certainly and then again I created these believes. Did I? Honest introspection is a very powerful tool; introspection can be scary at time but a necessary process to growth and evolution in the right direction.
When Jesus, was walking the earth his teaching were against the existing “book of rules” written in those days. What do you think Jesus would say if he was walking the earth today? What do you think the church would do to him today? In both case I think the same thing would happen Jesus would certainly condemn today’s church’s teachings and the church would probably crucify him again.
“And as Dostoevsky among many others observed, if Christ had returned to preach his message of liberation in the Middle Ages, he would have been crucified again and again by the leaders of that very church whose worldly power was built on his name. Powerful thought applicable in any generation.
First we want a book of rules, that tells us what to do every minutes of the day and in the other hand we want to be free to make our own decisions, and as much as we wanna open a rule book with all the perfect answers to our problems, it’s not gonna happen. Control over our consciousness cannot be institutionalized or captured in a convenient recipe. Yes I know I keep repeating myself but hey that’s how we learn isn’t it? Perhaps you might want to read this again 
Of course we could discuss this for an entire weekend but let’s just drive the Big Idea home: Learning to control our consciousness is an inside job. Yes it is an inside job. Allowing information from the outside in and then working an interpretation that fit our own individuality is perhaps a lot of work! The reward is grander than you might even perceive it to be. So here and now make you mind, take the decision that rising to developing consciousness is your responsibility. Start writing your own book of rules, live by it and bear the consequences. And here it is the great magic word, I want to be in charge of my life but I don’t want to bear the responsibility. How convenient and that is the social concept that Jesus fought against and would fight against he if was walking among us today. Bottom line.
You see reading books and acquiring knowledge is a great thing applying that knowledge is another and that was one of Jesus’ teaching “do what they say not what they do”. Apply what you are learning to your daily life not withstanding any of what is happening around you to justify your own action. Learn act and be responsible and accept all outcome.
To be in agreement with that which is described, to practice them is another. To study sound practices and have discussion about it is a good thing, but they need to be incorporated into your life to receive the benefit from it. Moving from theory into practice is the key to growth and evolution. If you merely collect spiritual information without practicing it, all you will develop is a case of spiritual indigestion and constipation. (Michael Bernard Beckwith).
We all heard that knowledge is power. Well hang on to your breaches IT ISN’T. THE APPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE IS POWER… Yes indeed application of knowledge is power not just knowledge,
Isn’t it strange that you would learn a new technique, and there is good ones out there, and then wonder how come it doesn’t work?
It does not matter where or how the information comes to you what matter is the belief you build for yourself according to the information you have received. And sometime beliefs are created extremely fast. And many things we decide to believe today because of what we learned yesterday, and yesterday’s version might not be accurate for today’s living. Would you go back to a rotary hanging on the wall phone? The same applies to our everyday life, adaptation and continuous learning.
There are many techniques to arrive and pursue knowledge and education. For the past few years I am using and teaching a technique called The One Command. I encourage you to investigate. It is bringing me closer and closer to my life goals and already I have witnessed great success because of it. Visit my site
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