Do you know what you want?!?

What is it that you want? A simple question and a loaded one. Do we really know what we want? Really, really?
Did you know that the Law of Attraction state that there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have? And that which is like unto itself is drawn. Meaning that if I want positive things to happen in my life I need to focus on positive things within me. It’s magic. Or is it? There is an old saying that we will harvest what we saw. Nothing more nothing less. Do you want to receive love then start living it. Start loving everything and everyone freely abundantly and it will come. To be in tune with what we want its’ creating it and receiving it. Doubtful that this is the way it works? Give it a try, seat down now and appreciate someone, anyone, your wife, your kid, your co-worker, anyone, just take a few minutes and write down something appreciative about someone and either tell them or give them the note and see what happen. Go ahead try it. Another important fact, be grateful for everything that you have right now and make a list. Just look around you and focus on one thing and be grateful that someone actually took the time to invent it someone else to manufacture it and again another to bring it to you so that your life might be fuller and your work easier to do. Be appreciative and grateful for that one thing and see how you feel now.
I use to give my boss a birthday present every year. Most time a gift certificate to his favored pub. One year I decided to do something different, I wrote a letter telling him how much I appreciated working for him and all that I learned since I started my job. I also mentioned how much I was impressed with his way of dealing with everyday problems and situation. At that time his wife was fighting cancer. The effect of that letter for his birthday was like nothing I expected. I gave it to him first thing in the morning and he came to see me at lunch time. His attitude was totally different than usual and he was near tears. Not something that ever happens before, or since. Our relationship changed from that point on for the better. Try it and see what happen.
I think I am going to stop here for few minutes and write a love note to my wife of 36 years.
OK I am back. And feeling awesome.
So what is it that you want? Take the time to ponder this and write it down, visualize it and keep it in front of you at all time, then go do the next thing in front of you and dedicate it to what you want. Esther and Jerry say: “One who is a visionary thrives in all times.” And one who is an observer doesn’t. What does that means? Observing your life and looking for outside motivation instead of inner intuition brings only what you observe. Blaming everything and everyone for your own lack is to be an observer, tuning into your inner voice and creating a vision of your desire, that’s happiness at its best.
Recharging our energy load bank, a very simple process, feeling down, feeling low, that’s the indication, your energy load bank need refueling. Nothing to get obsess about, just a fact of life accept it for what it is. When you are hungry you eat, you’re not getting obsess by it you just refuel and carry on. When you are tired you rest, a good night sleep that’s refueling. The same applies to our energy level, when you feel negative, it is the sign that you need to refuel. Changing your thoughts will do that, when feeling low, or depressed, or frustrated or any of the same feelings ask yourself “what do I want instead”? And look for more positive thoughts, one way to recharge is to express gratitude, yeah here it is again, gratitude is food for the soul, the same as groceries are food for the body. So go feel up. The same you don’t get upset when you are hungry, you just feed yourself, the same applies no need to get angry for being down, just notice the sign and go do what needs to be done. Sometime a little dance, or a song, or anything that sheer you up will do the trick and you will be full again until next time. It’s just like entering a dark room, just sat there and complains about the darkness, even swear at it, and kick a fuss, still dark? Yep. How about reaching for the switch and turning the light on look how the darkness disappears. Amazing, is it not? Simple and a very small effort indeed. Next time you feel down just lighter up and see what happen.
“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”~ Wayne Dyer
3 simple steps to manifest your desire . 1. Get clear on what you want.
2. Know that you wouldn’t have the desire if you/the Universe didn’t have the ability to bring it to life.
3. Joyously and enthusiastically do the next little thing in front of you.
Repeat 1 to 3. And again appreciation of others and of all things will match the vibration of the Universe and everything become possible.

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