How intelligent are you?

Do you suppose that a high IQ is most important for your survival? Or are you more centered toward the abilities to self motivation, persistence in the face of frustration, being able to control impulses and delay gratification, to regulate your moods and keep distress from swamping the ability to think to empathize and to hope. Without these quality accompanying intelligence, success in any field is highly doubtful.
Perhaps we should spend less time in education and more in discovering and developing our talents and gifts. There are hundreds of ways and many different abilities that are involve in anyone’s success.
A large amount of information learned during school years become obsolete the day after graduation. Instead of spending so much time feeling your head with useless material, why not instead developing the gifts and talents that you were born with and then learning how to apply them in the course of a life time, acquiring the more important abilities listed above.
So instead of focusing on the IQ numbers delivered by a test, why not discovering your aptitude and develop an attitude towards them, thus creating a life of meaning, fulfillment and personally defined success.
So how aware are you if your gifts and talents? Isn’t it about time you find out, discover what really get you going, what drives you, what is it that push you out of bed in the morning with a smile and a desire to be what you were always meant to be? To go out and take on the world for another day of reward and fulfillment.
It all start with the determination to find who and what you really are and then apply it days after days. Intelligence with a high IQ will not motivate you to get up and get out and be the best that you can be.
Logging 5000 hours on any subject will make you a master to be a grandmaster with ability to surpass any masters around you will need to log in 10 000 hours, the difference is not how intelligent you are but how dedicated to your purpose, how much in love you are with the subject, that’s what will make you a grandmaster.
This is why emotional intelligence is a far better predictor of success in life than IQ. If you’ve got a super high IQ and super low control of your emotions, you simply WILL NOT manifest your highest potential. Period.
One of the greatest skills anyone can acquire is “delayed gratification” The need to be able to regulate our impulses if we’re going to perform well at anything that requires sustained attention—whether it’s studying for a test, building a business, or cultivating our relationships.
Now where are your beliefs? Are you tuned into the IQ bit where the ego find satisfaction or into the I can bit where the whole being can manifest anything he wants according to its talents, constant focused intensity and success? And the good, or bad news, is that it’s up to you yes indeed. So how intelligent are you?

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